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February 19, 2024

Compassionate Leave Policies in Singapore: A Guide for HR Professionals

Reading Time: < 1 min
May 9, 2023
singapore self help group contribution

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore’s Self-Help Group Contributions

Reading Time: 3 mins In Singapore, statutory deductions of salary cover fairly straightforward items like CPF. However, employees are also expected to contribute to self-help groups (SHG) via salary deductions. […]
April 4, 2023

5 Things to Know About the Annual Wage Supplement in Singapore

Reading Time: 2 mins Every year, Singaporean employees look forward to the Annual Wage Supplement (AWS), which is a single annual payment paid to employees in addition to their annual […]
March 28, 2023
applicant tracking system singapore

Why Singapore Recruiters Should Use Applicant Tracking Systems

Reading Time: 2 mins Recruiting is a crucial process for any company that wants to build a talented and productive workforce. However, recruiting can also be time-consuming, complex, and prone […]
March 23, 2023

The Singapore Working Parent’s Guide to Childcare Leave

Reading Time: 2 mins Childcare leave is an important benefit for working parents in Singapore. It allows them to take time off from work to care for their young children, […]
March 21, 2023
onboarding singapore

Onboarding a New Employee in Singapore (Checklist Included)

Reading Time: 3 mins Your employee onboarding experience is a powerful tool for productivity. Check out our checklist for onboarding your new hires!
March 16, 2023
sick leave singapore

Sick Leave and Hospitalization Leave in Singapore: What HR Needs to Know

Reading Time: 3 mins Singaporean employees are entitled to paid sick leave and hospitalization leave under the Employment Act 1968. In general, employees will earn this entitlement if they have […]
March 14, 2023
employee experience singapore

Enhancing the Employee Experience: 6 Top Tips You Can Do

Reading Time: 3 mins Wondering which leave policy is best for your company? Find out the 14 types of leave that every HR person (and employee!) should know.
February 16, 2023
singapore hr software

A Guide to Choosing HR Software in Singapore

Reading Time: 2 mins HR software can help companies in Singapore streamline their HR operations, improve employee engagement and productivity, and reduce repetitive administrative tasks. However, with the plethora of […]
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