Employee Performance Management
Made Easy

BrioHR's Performance Management system revolutionizes your company's appraisal and performance processes. With user-friendly features and data-driven insights, it streamlines evaluations, boosts employee growth, and enhances overall performance. Discover how BrioHR empowers your team to excel.

Real Time Monitoring

Company and department objectives can be set, then individual milestones for maximum alignment throughout the organisation. Key performance indicators can be quantitative or qualitative, with their own weightage, and can be updated throughout the performance cycle.

Design Your Performance Management Process

Whether you prefer regular check-ins or yearly performance reviews, you can define performance appraisal frequency, foster 1-on-1 coaching discussions between employees and managers, as well as collect 360° feedback on how your company can be a better place to work.

Custom Appraisal Forms

BrioHR automatically creates and distributes custom appraisal forms, picking relevant objectives, and assigning the right competencies and expectations. Employees now have real-time access to relevant information in a user-friendly interface. You can know at a glance how your team is performing.


Engaging Employees in Their Development

Progress Overview

Monitor performance stage, status and completion rate within a glance.

Past Performance

This allows managers and employees to review achievements and successes and put the current performance in context.

Training Catalog

Add course and training to the catalog for better visibility across organisation.

Development Plans

It allows employers to define the skillset employees need to reach their goals.

360° Feedback

Receive feedback from people working around either by upwards, peer or downwards.

Competency Framework

Define competencies weightage for different employee skill level and department.


This feature enables managers and direct reports to meet on a regular basis to evaluate progress.

Common Objectives

Add objective by company or department level and it will distributed to all relevant employees at the start of the cycle.

BrioHR helped us save a lot of work, errors, and decreased our cost dramatically. It's an excellent product for a very affordable price.

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