Payroll That Works Accurately

All salary-related data is automatically calculated. Simply check and approve. BrioHR's all-in-one payroll software is your trusted payroll vendor for Singapore and Malaysia markets.

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Save Time with Interlinked Processes

BrioHR automates payroll setup for new employees and transfers relevant data from leave and expense claims – so your employees are always paid correctly and on time.

Manage Multi-cycle Payroll

Do you have part-time staff paid weekly, as well as full-time staff paid monthly? Do you need to prepare expense claims separately from salary?

You can run multiple payroll cycles right in BrioHR’s platform.

All Payroll Data in One Secure Place

Detailed payroll history, individual payroll information and payslips are securely stored on BrioHR’s platform. Everything can be referred to with a click of a button.

Stress-free Reporting

Whether it's company-wide or at the individual level, BrioHR seamlessly prepares payroll reports for more in-depth analysis. Draft reports can be generated before submitting payroll to ensure accuracy.

BrioHR is a compliant payroll software with automated tax filing and auto-generated local bank reports and GIRO files.

We found BrioHR to be very comprehensive and configurable to suit us. We couldn't be happier with how much easier it's made HR tasks! Has really helped us transform our HR function from an administrative to a strategic one.

Edward Widjonarko

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