Take the Pulse of Your Organisation

Know what your employees are thinking. Run surveys, analyze the data, and take action to create a truly great place to work.

Get Real-Time Employee Engagement Data

Your organization uses KPIs for sales, marketing, and finance. Why not use it for employee engagement? BrioHR's pulse survey enables real-time numbers that represent what your organization is thinking.

Listen to Your Employees

When you gather continuous feedback with BrioHR's pulse surveys, you can get better data representing the voice of your employees. By analysing this data, you can take action to drive the best outcomes for your team.

Take Meaningful Action Swiftly

With data gathered from the pulse survey, you can act quickly on the feedback to increase employee engagement and focus on building a great place to work.


Real-Time Pulse Surveys

Employee Engagement

Listen to your employees, understand their needs, and help them perform at their best.

Real-Time Data

You can analyse the data as soon as it comes in for immediate action.

User-Friendly Surveys

No matter who takes the survey, you can be sure that they will get an outstanding survey experience.

Tailored for Teams

Whether you have a large business or a small team, you can tailor each survey to the whole organization or to specific teams and departments.

The support we receive along the way makes it as though we had a full-time senior HR professional on staff, for a fraction of the price. As tech guys, we can immediately tell that BrioHR was built well. It's also very snappy and responsive. The UI/UX is extremely well designed"

Rami Aladdin

Managing Partner | TWINE
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