Modular and affordable

No matter where you are in your journey, our modular and affordable platform helps you streamline your HR.

Create your own tailor-made HRMS

Functionalities included with any module subscription

  • Employee self-service
  • Employee file
  • Mobile app
  • Approval workflows
  • Onboarding
  • User access rights management
  • Reports

Admin Automation

  • Automated payroll setup
  • Detailed payroll history
  • Payroll analysis on demand
  • Self-service payslip download
  • Calculate leave based on custom leave policy
  • Set leave approval workflows
  • Self-service leave application via mobile app
  • Shared calendar to see who is on leave at a glance
  • Set maximum claim limits
  • Easily define approval workflow
  • Integration with payroll module
  • Receipt and document upload via desktop or mobile
  • Real-time reporting based on hours worked
  • Assign or unassign team members
  • One-click review and approval process

Talent Acquisition

  • Instant visibility for new joiners
  • Custom onboarding tracks
  • Reminder notifications on pending onboarding tasks
  • Keep track of company equipment
  • Screen candidates with pre-assessment questions
  • Rate candidates with interview scorecard
  • Collaborate with hiring managers
  • Create a custom careers page

Talent Management

  • Define custom goals and KPIs
  • Team and individual ratings available at a glance
  • 360° feedback from managers, peers, and reports
  • Reminder notifications on pending review tasks

Our Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BrioHR’s pricing work?
We have different pricing plans based on your needs, for example headcount, modules subscribed to etc. We also pledge that our pricing is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden charges other than what is stated on the billing invoice.
Can my company get a free trial of BrioHR?
Of course! Before you start your free trial, our team will walk you through a product demo so you can get the most out of BrioHR. Upon completion of the demo, you will receive free trial access to the platform for you to check if BrioHR works for your organisation.
How does cancellation work?
You can cancel anytime by getting in touch with our team.
I am in charge of a large workforce. Can I get a custom BrioHR plan and pricing?
Of course! We are more than happy to customise a package for your workforce’s needs. BrioHR is designed for scalability, so no matter how big or small your team is, we can make it work for you. Get in touch with us to learn more and schedule a free demo!
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