Manage Expense Claims Seamlessly

Make it easy for employees to submit an expense claim and get approval. Keep track of all claims with automated notifications.

Automatically Manage Expense Claims Limits

No more tedious monitoring of the amounts allowed or whether employees have reached their max allowance. Let BrioHR's expense claim software take care of this for you – with easy setting of transaction, monthly or yearly limits for each claim category.

Custom Approval Workflows

Because each organisation is different, BrioHR's claim management system allows you to define the right approval workflow based on your practices, so that you can be sure that the right person will approve the right expense claim.

Integration with BrioHR Payroll and Accounting

As part of a fully integrated suite of modules, BrioHR’s expense claims module goes hand-in-hand with the payroll module. You can also integrate BrioHR’s expense claims module with your accounting software, for seamless communication with your finance team.


Faster, More Efficient Claims

Cut Off Date

You can set a cut off date for claims to be processed in the next claims cycle.

Claims Validity

You can set a time limit for a claim to be valid.

Custom Approvals

You can set the approval workflow for claims, e.g. levels of approval, approval limits etc.

Claims Limits

Custom claims limits can be set (e.g. per transaction, per month, per year), or even claims limits for an individual employee.

Proof of Claims

You can require that claims be backed up by proof, by making it mandatory for every claim to have an attachment.

Expense Claim App

With the BrioHR mobile app, claims can be made through the app along with photographs of receipts.

Custom Claims Fields

You can set additional fields to be filled in by the employee every time they submit a claim.

Check Claims at a Glance

BrioHR’s dashboard allows you to see claims across the organisation with detailed information on every claim.

We found BrioHR to be very comprehensive and configurable to suit us. We couldn't be happier with how much easier it's made HR tasks! Has really helped us transform our HR function from an administrative to a strategic one.

Edward Widjonarko

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