Hire Faster, Better, Smarter

Easily collect and share feedback from candidate screening and interviews, boost collaboration between departments, and make faster and more robust hiring decisions.

Get the Word Out

BrioHR’s recruitment module can be integrated with your organisation’s careers page, and openings can be easily shared across job boards and social media. With this, you can automatically collect applications, get visibility across the full recruitment process, and make a sound hiring decision.

Accelerate Your Recruitment Process

You can manage job openings and applications right in one integrated dashboard. Candidates can also be screened based on their resumes and/or answers to pre-screening questions.

Hire the Best Talent

BrioHR lets you create your own interview scorecards and feedback forms that can be filled up by multiple interviewers. You can even give candidates a rating and keep their profiles for future positions in a searchable database.


Recruit the Best Talent

Careers Page

Create a professional-looking careers page to attract talent to your organisation.


You can screen suitable candidates using pre-assessment questions before the interview stage.

Interview Scorecard

You can pre-determine a set of skills required for a specific role, as well as rate candidates after the interview.

Custom Notifications

You can schedule interviews with candidates or keep them informed of their latest application status.

Custom Interview Process

Whether it's one round or three, a solo interviewer or an entire panel, you can customise the interview process to suit each role.

Recruitment Dashboard

Check the status of your job openings in one place with BrioHR’s accessible, organised dashboard.

Designed for Collaboration

Keep your hiring team aligned and informed so that the correct person for the role is hired.

Candidate Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule interviews with candidates directly from the platform, as well as block off the interviewer’s schedule.

BrioHR We found BrioHR to be very comprehensive and configurable to suit us. We couldn't be happier with how much easier it's made HR tasks! Has really helped us transform our HR function from an administrative to a strategic one.

Edward Widjonarko

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